Item B19 -  Forstner Bits.  Extended Set of 16.  9/16 to 24/16.

The Forstner Bit, patented by Benjamin Forster of Salem, Oregon on Feb. 23, 1886, is considered by most expert woodworkers to be one of the finest bits for fancy and angled boring.  The patent cites the circular edge of the bit as the cutting edge, with interior beveled edges to clear waste.  Examples of  this bit, equipped with square tapered tangs for use in hand bit braces (the original configuration of the bit) are quite scarce, and seldom do you find a group as large and as clean as this one.  There are 16 bits in the lot, all but one cut down (size l7—still useable), full length with tapered square tangs.  All are marked by a manufactur (14 by P. M. Co. USA), and 1 by B.G.I. Co with patent date (15).  P.M.  Co. is likely either the Passaic Mfg. Co., or the the Progressive Mfg. Co (Torrington, Ct).  The bits are without rust, appear sharp, and some retain their case color.  This is hard set to find!  Fine.




Price -  $200.00

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