Item B19 - Russell Jennings No 21 Auger Bit. Older Example

Larger twist auger marked by Russell Jennings. This bores a hole 21/16” diameter. The tang on this one is marked with Russell Jennings' original patent date – (#12318) “Jan 30, 1855, and under this is stamped, “Ext'd 7 Years”. This could relate to the Reissue date of Oct.03, 1865. No matter, Early Russell Jennings bits from the 1850s and 60s are rare. In addition to this mark, the tang of this bit is also stamped with “Cast Steel” – another rare Jennings mark. This bit is lightly tarnished, but has no rust or pitting. The very tip of the fine lead screw has been broken. I've not seen another of this vintage. Good+



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