Item B3 - Millers Falls No. 900 Brace Wench.  Rare Tool. 

 This well-marked Millers Falls tool has the form of a typical Brace, with 10” sweep, double curved bow, etc.  However the top handle is knob-like (similar to some of Fray’s wimble braces), and does not rotate.  The chuck is relatively short, with a completely knurled chuck shell.  It is simply attached t the frame being pinned to the lower bow, that completely passes through the top of the chuck.  The chuck has a single pair of broad jaws that are spread apart, having a single coiled spring to spread them.  The chuck has no provision to accept a standard square, tapered bit tang, but rather can accommodate a relatively shallow hex or square nut head from diameters of about 5/8” to 1”.  As a curiosity the chuck shell has a left hand thread, so it closes the jaws when turned counter-clockwise.  The “brace” has a sweep of 10 inches and stands 12” tall from the jaw tips to the top of handle.  The wrist and top handle appear to be made of walnut.  The top handle ferrule is brace the wrist handle is bounded with steel bushings.  The only markings are on the upper bow, and read (from the left) “Millers Falls/ Mass” (in a triangle) / Millers Falls Co / Millers Falls, Mass.  U.S.A.”, and “No. 900”  This information dates the tool to before 1932, and probably to the 1920s.


This is a tool that I recovered from a growing pile of braces put aside for later examination, and one that has been growing for the past 15 years.  After resurrecting it, I have been unable learn much about it.  The markings are undisputedly Millers Falls.  The chuck is quite different from brace wrench chucks made by both Quimby Backus and W. A. Ives.  There is no patent marking.  Randy Roeder kindly told me that this tool does not appear in any Millers Falls material that he has seen.  He noted,“Millers Falls marketed a Series 910-914 rim wrench in the late teens and early twenties. It did not include a No. 900 and the wrenches were crude affairs w/o an adjustable chuck.-- So, I'm stumped--absolutely and completely.” 

So I conclude that this is a very uncommon Millers Falls item, and should be worthy of a collection.  The frame has some scattered moderate pitting.  The wood in not bad, and it should clean up nicely.  Good+





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