Item B5 - Millers Falls No. 2 Bit Brace. 

One of the more showy early American patented braces, the early Millers Falls Mfg. Co. produced this brace between 1868 and 1872, when the “Millers Falls Co.” came into being., basing both the wrist handle (rosewood) with broad brass ferrules and the chuck shell with a bright brass lower barrel that on patents awarded to  Clemens B. Rose.  This example is in the 10” sweep (No 2) and is clearly marked with the model number and “Millers Falls Mfg Col”  There is another, unreadable stamp on the lower bow that may be a patent date.  The top handle is iron, like all of the early examples, and is complete with an oil hole at the top.  The is an early brace, made between 1868 and 1872, and is in clean, unrusted, working condition.  Fine.


  Price  -  $40.00

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