Item BK2- Brown & Sharpe Book—“Construction and Use of Universal Milling Machines” 1st Edition (unmarked), 1882

This superbly bound book of 92 pages with 78 illustrations describes the functions and uses of Browne & Sharpe’s milling machines first exhibited by J.R. Brown & Sharpe in the 1867 Paris Exhibition and discussed in the “American Machinist” for April, 1879.  The preface notes that the purpose of the book is to “aid the novice in learning the construction of the “Milling Machine.”  The book is bound in finely grained blue leather with gold embossing on the cover.  The edges of the cover and back are beveled in a peculiar and ornate manner.  It appears to be a scarce title in the hard bound edition.  The cover has some slight scuffing and some of the pages have dirt smudges from the hands of a machinist.  It is a great book for any Brown & Sharpe machinist tool collection.  Easily Good+.


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