Item BP10 - Stanley No. 19 Adjustable Block Plane Type 4 (1898)

This early adjustable 7 inch block plane with knuckle joint lever cap has all the earmarks of a plane made in 1898, including  a lever cap marked with the Dec. 12, 1886 patent date, four patent dates on the lateral lever, and full longitudinal rib supporting the frog and lever cap screw.  The blade has the proper arched Stanley logo, and has good length.  While the only pitting is on the end of the lateral lever (and the front of the lever cap), the original japanning is much worn in the bed.  The unpainted surfaces have even moderate tarnish that will clean if you wish.  This type has the eccentric lever mouth adjuster, and features the sleek “Excelsior” body shape.  It will be a good user, and is a fairly scarce plane.  Good


Price -  $45.00

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