Item BP4 - Fulton Tool Co. (NY) Lever Cap Block Plane

This early Sargent block plane (No. 5306, Type 1) has a proper blade marked “Fulton Tool Co / Warranted.”  While there is no doubt about its Sargent Tool Co. origins, the Fulton name is more equivocal.  In short, the Fulton Tool Co. of New York, sold tools under their name, and had at least one lateral lever patent assigned to them as early as 1893.  The brand became associated with Sears, Roebuck in the late 1890s who marketed “Fulton” tools into the early 1900s (“Craftsman” became a Sears brand only the mid 1920s).  This plane is an early example of Sargent’s knuckle joint 6” block plane that was produced beginning in 1897 and up to 1950.  This example has the cast iron, nickeled lever cap that is marked with Albert Page’s July 6, 1897 lever cap.  This first style, which features a stout lever that is pushed forward to set the cap, was replaced in 1809 with the bulbous “tablespoon” locking mechanism made of  wrought steel, not cast iron.  This block plane also has the throat adjustment mechanism patented by Henry Sargent in1906.  So the plane was actually produced in the three year interval between1906 and 1909.  It is a scarce example of a Sargent-made top of the line block plane.  The plane has a small crack in one corner of the lever cap that does not pass complete through and shouldn't present a problem;  it has a long blade, lever lateral adjustment, throat and blade adjustments.  It s 6 inches long, with a cutter 1 5/8 inches wide. About 60 percent of the original nickel finishes on the trim remain, and it will clean to be a quite collectible (and useable) plane  Good+



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