Item C10 -  G. I. Mix & Co. 3 Slick. 

Not too much is known about the G. I. Mix Co. of Yalesville, Ct.  The firm was founded by a pewter smith, Garry Ives Mix, (born 1819 in Wallingford Ct.)  Mix apparently had a twin sister, Carrie, born on the same day.  He worked as a pewtersmith in Wallingford from 1845 to 1848, and then moved to Yalesville, Ct. where he  partnered with Charles E. Parker, manufacturing and plating flatware until at least 1888.  During this period he was awarded at least 4 U.S. patents for spoon design and manufacture.  He married Almira White in December, 1842, and they had at least one daughter, Frances, born in 1847.  Frances married William Kendricks and they produced a daughter, Olive Mix Kendricks,   Garry I. Mix died in 1892, and had been a successful business man, founding the G.I. Mix Co.  He served in the Connecticut State Senate in 1868.  Hi his professional life appeared to center around the design and production of cutlery.  His final spoon design patent, issued in 1888 was witnessed by his son in law, William A. Kendrick.  After Ives death in 1892 it appears that his son in law, W. A. Kendrick became a principal in the G.I. Ives Co, and this seems to be coincident with the production of edge tools.  In 1901 a patent for a draw knife, produced by the Mix Co. was assigned to W. A. Kendrick.  G.I. Mix apparently went out of at least the cutlery business by 1903.

The G. I. Mix Co. slick offered here is one of the nicest slicks that Ive had.  The mark is clear.  Th 3 inch wide blade is clean, long, flat, and sharp.  The blade measures 10 inches from edge to the shoulders,t and over, 16 inches to the top of the socket.  The handle ,probably original adds another 12 inches to the total length.  While the blade is moderately tarnished into a nice patina there is no rust or pitting.  It is a very high quality slick in superior condition.  Fine


        Price -  $160.00

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