Item C12 - H. N. Dean (New Bedford) Double Marked, 3 1/2” Slick. 

This larger slick is marked by H. (Henry) N. Dean, who was a New Bedford, Mass black smith who was a long time maker of whale craft (harpoons, blubber spades, etc), as well as ship hardware and edge tools.  He was born in 1815, and worked in New Bedford from 1839 until he retired in 1897 (dying in 1908).  After a couple of partnerships he is recorded to have forged “iron-work” from 1867-1887, and edge tools from 1889-1897.  However, I’ve seen a number of edge tools marked by him, and New York makers such as Horton & Arnold.  This New York partnership produced edge tools from 1853-1865.  Apparently Dean purchased tools from Horton & Arnold and then applied his stamp to them before he began forging edge tools himself.  This slick is consistent with that pattern, except that the slick carries a mark of “Arnold & Perry / 86 Ave.”  Arnold & Perry is not listed in the EAIA DAT, but I surmise that that this was a partnership involving the Arnold of Horton & Arnold that was formed after 1865.  The slick has an edge length of  3 ˝ inches.  It measures 7 ˝ inches from edge to shoulders, and 16 inches to the top of the socket.  There is over 4 inches of hard steel to the lamination.  The softer steel is moderately pitted—the hard steel less so.  A little work on the edge will produce a very useful slick.  The iron hooped simple cherry handle adds another 13 inches to the total length of the tool.  Although fairly recent, it is solid, and has a nice feel in the hands.  Good+


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