Item C6 -  3/8” Sash Mortise Chisel.  Underhill.  Nashua, N.H. 

This nice sash mortise chisel carries an Underhill mark that I don’t recall seeing before—and it looks to be an older chisel.  The 3/8” chisel has a heavy blade with the upswing that you see in paring chisels.  It has a good socket that is hand forged and a short hickory handle with steel ring.  The handle looks original.  The blade measures 6 ½ inches long to the bottom of the socket, and is 10” to the top of the socket.  With the handle its total length is about 13”.  The mark on the top of the blade is simply, “Underhill” in small block letters with serifs, and under this is a “NASHUA—N.H.” in larger letters in a similar font.  Untangling the myriad Underhills is too big a task for me, but I suspect that this chisel predates the formation of the Underhill Edge Tool Co in Nashua in the late 1850s, and likely dates from the early 1850s.  It is an interesting chisel for a collection, but would also be a great smaller mortise chisel for use.  Fine.


    Price - $40.00

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