Item C9 - Three Larger Bowl Turning Lathe Tools. 

Here are three Antique Lathe tools, most likely useful for bowl turning  They consist of (a) and spoon bit shaped tool marked, “R.H. /K” in a heart.  The bit is ¾” wide and 9” long to the base of the handle.  It is in very good condition.  (b) A narrow, deep scraper with a round tip that is ¼” wide.  It measures 8” long to the base of the boxwood handle.  It marked “G. Scharff”.  This is heavy and quite old.  (c,)  The third tool is sort of a French curve scraper, very heavy, and hooks around the bottom with a total edge length of 2 ¾”  This is unmarked and also has a replaced boxwood handle.  Good+

     Price -  $40.00

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