Item CP1 - Stanley No. 56 Core Box Plane. 


A plane most people don’t see, the demand for this interesting plane introduced in 1909 never developed, so by 1923 it was out the Stanley Catalogs, seemingly after only a single production run.  The tool, given a start with the cutting of a limiting grooves 1/8” deep on either side of the desired dimension, and then removing most of the waste with a gouge. The plane will then cut a perfect semicircular groove from 9/16 to 2 inches in diameter—this for making patterns for pipes an shafts.  This plane is just 6 inches long and weighs 2 pounds.  This one is in excellent condition with 95% of its original japanning.  It has a clean blade with V-logo--appropriate for its time. Fine



   Price -  $750.00

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