Item CP3 - Stanley No. 6 Fore Plane.  Type 2 (1869-72). 

This older Stanley plane, made about 1870 is mostly complete.  Missing are the original blade and the cap iron marked with Bailey’s patent.  The latter is fairly easy to find, but the blade with the correct markings is likely scarce.  Everything else about the plane is “right”.  It has the solid lever cap with rectangular sprig, original handles with only some nibbles from the tote horn. Raised tote receiver, solid brass blade adjustment knob with Bailey’s name and two patent dates, round frog screws, yada yada yada.  It just needs a light cleaning.  With the type 2 No. 7 below you have a good start on a collection of this scarce and desirable type of Stanley bench planes.  Good+


  Price - $125.00

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