Item D10 - Fancy Ram’s Horn Scraper

An exceptional tool crafted in a sculptural form that is both classic and useful.  This cabinet scraper has the handle form of the familiar “rams’ horn” scrapers produced by Atkins, but the back of the heavy maple body is molded in the form of deep concavities that remine one of the thumb induced wear of old and very well used cooper’s scrapers and shaves.  The body is 11 inches wide, including the horn-shaped handles, and is 2 ˝” deep, front to back, and 2 ˝” deep.  The sole is covered with a thick steel plate, fastened with 6 slotted screws.  The scraper blade, 3” x 1 1/2” has a curved leather backing.  The scraper is fronted with a brass curved and molded nose.  The total appearance of the tool is simply great, and with a properly jointed and turned blade would be a great working scraper and the pride of any wood worker’s shop.  Fine

Price -   $140.00

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