Item D11 - Bagshaw & Field (Phila) Beech “Sheffield” Type Spoke Shave

In the form of the common beech spokeshaves made popular in Sheffield, England, this is one of the few that you’ll see that was made in the US in the 19th century.  The clearly marked maker is the firm of Bagshaw and Field who did business in Philadelphia from 1881 to 1925.  They made wooden braces and spoke shaves.  This example is in nice condition suffering only some slight wear on the edges.  The wingspan of the shave is 12 inches.  It has a blade with a 3 3/8” edge length and a brass sole.  The depth of cut and skew are adjusted with brass thumb screws anchored on the top of the shave in brass escutcheons.  It is a nice American shave.  Easily Good+




 Price -  $40.00

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