Item D22 - Lewis Howes (W. Sandwich, MA) Massive Cooper's Draw Knife.

The New Bedford Whaling Museum has three similar draw knives closely allied to this one, and I've seen one other at auction. This is a dedicated tool for heavy work. The tool consists of t blade that has an edge length of 10 ½ inches and its thickest point is ¾ of and inch. The total depth of the blade (from edge to back) is 3 ¾ inches and it is beveled smoothly on both sides. The handles are of forged steel and have through mortises to which are fitted the tangs of the blade. The tool total 11 lbs in weight. It is clear that once put in motion by a burly set of forearms, this knife will power through the toughest of thick wood. Almost certainly a tool for ship wrights or for heavy cooper work, the uses that come to mind include use as a mast shave, oak stave splitting, and work as a head shave for large casks. The blade tangs are clearly “L. Howes / Cast Steel” on one side, and “W. Sandwich.” on the other. Howes was one of Cape Cod's most well known black smiths. He worked in Sandwich, Mass in the 1840 to 1859 time frame (he died of “old age” in 1860. His smithy is reported to have been near the present day Cape Cod Canal in today's town of Bourne—then East Sandwich. Other tools, including hatchets, ordinary draw knifes, cooper side axes, are known. This is probably the most outstanding of this creations that I've Seen. Fine.

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