D3 - Dunlap No. 3661 Loop Handled Spoke Shave.  NIB


It is a fairly rare treat to find old stock spoke shaves new in the original box.  This example is of the fairly common Dunlap loop handled spoke shave.  Almost never found in its box, this tool has a wingspan of 9 inches, and a blade that is 2 inches wide.  The shave has 100 percent of its shiny japanned finish and a blade with the factory grind marks.  The inside bottom of the pasteboard box is ink stamped with the number, “5 949”—perhaps a product number.  The nickled knurled fixing screw is stamped, “Dunlap.”  The end label on the box is marked, “One / NO. 3661 / SPOKE SHAVE / Made in U.S.A.’’   Fine










Price -   $40.00



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