Item D5 - Stanley No. 58 Spoke Shave. 

I hadn’t seen this spoke shave before a couple of weeks ago, and then, bingo, two of them showed up.  The shave is so distinctively marked with the “No. 58” embossed on the back of the body, that I couldn’t believe that I had missed it before.  It is listed in Walter as a flat handled shave that seems unremarkable, and is listed at a price not different from the regular flat handled No. 52.  On line (and in Tom Lamond’s spoke shave book) the No. 58 is listed as a “double bladed” shave—which is not correct, it only has one blade.  A little more detective work shows that the No. 58’s distinction is that it lacks the second, “tensioning” screw at the top of the cap iron—clearly separating it from the No. 52.  Consequently only the aficionados, like Bob Kaune, recognize that this is an unusual, and more valuable, plane.  This one is clearly marked on the back, has about 75 % of its original black finish, and has a deep, well marked blade.  The mark was used by Stanley before 1910. This shave is one

 for an aficionado.  Good+





Price -   $50.00

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