Item DR4 - Millers Falls No. 7 Eggbeater Hand Drill.

 A scarce hand drill, this Millers Falls model early on took a back seat to the very popular Nos 2 and  5 eggbeater drills.  This model is about the same size as the No. 2 drill, but it lacks the bit storage handle (No. 2B also has no bit storage.  The No. 7s main distinction is a nickled shaft running between the pinion gears, giving it a lighter frame and flashier look than the No. 2 drill.  The No. 7 was produced between 1905 and 1935, going through a lot of changes..  This one dates from the early 1920s, having a 3/8 bit capacity, the 1921 Triangle logo, and springless jaws.  Much of the red paint is missing from the 4 inch diameter gear wheels, and it needs some cleaning.  It runs smoothly.    Easily Good 








 Price - $25.00



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