Item DR5 - Millers Falls No. 2 Hand Drill.

This older style No. 2 hand drill has has the triangle logo on the crank shaft, dating it to the early 1900s. Unlike the later form with a second pinion gear, this has the older style anti-thrust device of an adjustable flanged wheel to keep the main gear wheel tracking properly. Millers Falls drill maven Dr. George Langford points out that this mechanism (which he calls the LRRCW-”Little Rail Road Car Wheel) introduces much less friction in the mechanism, and therefore an easier to turn and much smoother operation than caused by a second pinion gear. This example has seen good use, but is complete and is smooth running. All three handles are present, but the hollow cocobolo main handle has no included drill bits. It is easily Good.



 Price - $30.00

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