Item DR9 - Millers Falls No. 2 Hand Drill.  Early Transverse Frame. 

The original form of Millers Falls highly successful No. 2 hand drill was distinctive for its frame that “wrapped around” the mail gear wheel.  Appearing as early as 1878, this style frame, only two years later was replaced by the inline frame, outside of which the gear wheel rested.  The earliest No. 2s also had a two-jaw chuck of the Pratt patent.  The earliest type had a solid main handle, sans bit storage compartment.  This example has the early frame and two jaw chuck.  While the top handle has no bit storage function, it may have been replaced.  The crank handles of the earliest type had a graceful curved form, as does this one.  The chuck is clearly marked with the Aug. 1, 11877 patent date, and the Millers Falls Co. name.  It is a good collectible example of an early Millers Falls drill


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