Item ESK1- Bering Strait Eskimo Hand Club. Bowhead Whale Effigy

Almost surely made for dispatching seals, large fish, and other harpooned animals this club is as interesting and as graceful as any you will see. The club is 11 inches long, and has a maximum width of about 1 ˝ inches. It is made of walrus ivory that surely had a long sojourn in a rich organic permafrost, for it is pleasingly deeply stained with dark mahogany shades of that treatment. The minimalist engraving is Punuk in style, and indicates an age that surely dates back to the 14th century or so. The ivory was scraped into the shape of a bowhead whale, with rising and broadening forehead, having to inset eyes, and with just a few strokes of a stone tool indicates the mouth line of the whale. This then tapers to a more narrow handle that terminates with a raised butt end to give the tool an effective hand hold. The scraper tools marks are clear and include areas of “chatter” that may look like file marks but are not. There are a couple of chips in the partly mineralized ivory at the butt, but nothing serious. This is a beautiful and expressive tool that very simply expresses artistic sensibility. Fine


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