SCR17 - Bering Strait Eskimo Hollow Tube (drinking)  Punuk Carving

This decorated tube (probably for use as a drinking straw) was fashioned from a bird’s bone—it is the humerus of a goose or swan.   It 7 “ long with a slightly varying diameter of about ¾”.  It has been well decorated with deep engraving that consists of three sets on encircling bands that are connected by rows oflines that connect dots, and others that are closely barbed.  There are 9 of the barbed type and and 7 of the dotted type.   The engraving is in the Punuk style, and that idea is supported by the red ochre filling that remains in the engraving.  One end is also later ingraved with the initials and collection number of a former owner, and reads, “MR/802”.  This is likely of Punuk era (500 -1200 AD), but has not suffered the staining of midden-dug material.  It was likely used to drink from tundra pools, streams, and ice pools

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