ESK19 - Inuit or Eskimo Dagger.  Metal Blade and Bone Handle. 

This most interesting weapon has an overall length of 17 inches and a greatest width of 2 inches (at the top of the handle.  The knife has a steel blade that is 7 inches long, with a greatest width of 2 inches.  It is quite thin (1/8).  The continuous (it wraps around the point and heel) is beveled on both sides, and could be honed to be exceedingly sharp.  The heel of the blade is riveted to the bone (probably caribou), with two steel rivets below, and two brass or copper rivets above.  The base of the bone handle is wrapped by what looks like split willow shoots.  The upper part of the bone handle is scarfed together and riveted with several copper rivets to join it to the bone crosspiece at the top.  There several hand bored holes that show earlier repairs to the scarf joint.  With the size of the blade, and its sharpness, this would have been a formidable weapon or hunting knife.  To my eye it has a Yupik look to it, perhaps influenced by the fighting knives of Tlingit or other northern tribes of the Pacific Northwest.  It is a great weapon. 

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