ESK19 -  Eskimo  or Athabaskan Dagger. 

This tineresting ethnographic dagger has a steel blade with paired steel tangs fastened with both steel and copper rivets.  The bone handle (I believe it to be caribou bone is scarfed to the upper handle crosspiece and is wrapped with some sort ofvegetile wrapping--willow or rattan most likely.  The handle shows several repairs over time, that have made it a most interesting knife or dagger.  I guess that it would have been used as for skinning and/or butchering large mammals.  The tool is most likely from the Alaskan/British Colombian region, perhaps from Athabaskan or lower Yukon Eskimo groups, and probably dates from the late 1700s to mid-1800s.  The knife is 17 1/2" long overall, and has a 2"wide blade that is about 7 inches long.  The blade is thin and has very sharp edges on both sides.  The cross-piece of bone at the top of the handle is 2 3/4" wide.  It will be showpiece in any collection.  Good=

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