Item ESK2 - Beveled Straight Edge with Marquetry Inlays. Eskimo Theme

This 15 1/4 straight edge is beveled on opposite sides, obviously made for drawing straight lines. The piece is 1 3/4 wide. The wood is a dark, chocolaty one with a fairly wavy grain that looks like cocobolo, or a similar variety. On one side there are three inlayed figures, made of multiple parts in contrasting woods. Near each end is a pansy-like flower, in three pieces, with additional pigmented engraved lines. In the center is a human figure holding what looks like a basket. This figure wears a long parka-like garment with decorated bottom, has decorated boots or mukluks, and a face fringed with the hood of the parka. The almond shaped eyes and dour look certainly suggest an Eskimo personage. It is altogether an interesting piece of folk art (and it is useful, too). Fine.




Price -  $50.00

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