Item ESK2 - Eskimo Fighting Knife.  Museum Quality


An absolute prize, this larger  knife was fashioned by an Inupiaq or Inuit, from whale skeletal bone probably obtained from drift skeletal material from a Bowhead whale no later than the 19th Century.  The tool, overall, is 21 inches long, with a greatest depth of 2 ¼ inches and a thickness of up to ¼ inch.  The blade is 13 ½ inches long and is constricted to hand hold that is wrapped with old woven textile, wrapped with leather, and expands at the rear to a pointed hilt.  This is in the form of an older fighting knife, produced by some of the Northwest Coast Indian tribes.  The Tlingits (which made this style fighting knife) abutted the southern Alaska Eskimos near Prince William Sound, which was Yu'pik territory.  Only one side of the blade is “sharpened.”  This was an essential weapon for Eskimos in the western Arctic, who were quite warlike before the arrival of whalers and gold miners.  This knife could also have seen duty in greparing snow houses while on hunting trips or when migrating.  It is interesting that the leather binding of the handle is not seal or caribou hide, but shows embossing that unmistakably marks it has having been salvaged from an old 19th century leather-bound book!  This is a great piece!  Fine.





Price -  $800.00

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