ESK8 - Inuit Whale Bone Plaque in the Style of Judas Ullulaq (Gjoa Haven)

One of the more famous modern Inuit sculptors, Judas Ullulaq (1938-1999) produced a variety of sculpture, ranging from soapstone with inlays to those fashioned from cancellous whale bone.  This plaque is done in his distinctive  style (or perhaps that of his son in law, Karoo Ashevak).  The style tends to the fantastical with human likenesses having protuberant eyes bulging from deep sockets, flaring nostrils, and mouths with prominent lips.  The style recalls the images created by older Greenland tupulacs.  While not signed (most of Ullulaq’s art was not),  the manner is much his.  This is a small wall plaque meant for hanging.  It measures about 8” high, and is no wider than four inches.  The material is cancellous whale bone.  It is carved only on the front.  The back is flat.  It is a very interesting piece.  Fine 













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