Item ESK4  - Inuit or Eskimo Stone Ax & Hammer. 

This stone tool or weapon consists of a stone head that is likely of volcanic origin lashed by old seal skin to a wooden handle fromed of an old wooden branch that retains much of its original bark.  The stone head is roughly shaped into a blade at one end, and blunt peen at the other.  The head is about 7 inches long, with a maximum depthof 2 inches.  The stone has been shaped at its midpoint to fit snuggly into a split in the top of the handle.  It is lashed there by seal rawhide that was expertly wound and tucked to make a very tight fitting with the handle.  The handle is made of an old (probably driftwoodd branch (with bark largelyintact that is almost 20 inches long and 1 inch diameter.  The entire tool is much blackened by age, and perhaps the smoke from walrus blubber fire in the interior of a winter home.  This is a quite interesting tool and is likely quite old.  It is of museum quality.  Fine


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