ESK7 - Eskimo Walrus Ivory Lance Head.   

At first glance I thought this walrus ivory “sword” to have been fashioned as an ice pick for use on the aft end of an Eskimo harpoon used on the ice for sealing.  But some reflection leads me to believe that it is too sharp and relatively delicate for that tough use.  I now think that it was made as a lance head, possibly used to dispatch large animals such as harpooned whales, walrus, or Polar Bears.  The lance is long (20 ˝ inches) and narrows gradually from a width of 1 inch at the base to a very sharp point.  The upper and lower surfaces are slightly convex.  The weapon is very straight, and its base has been roughened (like harpoon foreshafts) for a good friction fit with a wooden or ivory handle.   The ivory has a nice golden patina that speaks to age, and perhaps some time spent in permafrost.  It is as fine an example of an Eskimo lance head as you can find and descends from a noted collection.  Fine. 

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