ESK7 - Eskimo or Inuit Hand Sewn Miniature Mukluks and Mitts

This set of two miniature mukluks and matching mitts were sewed by an expert native seamstress, probably in the early 20th century using seal and caribou skin along with sinew as thread.  The size of the pair could have been for a new born babe, or they could have been made as an example of sewing skill.  The mukluks have soles that are 2 inches long and 1 inches wide, with the tops of the mukluks rise to 3 inches above the soles.  Seal skin is used for the soles and insteps, as well as the outer parts of the uppers.  The tops of the uppers and their fronts are  rolled caribou leather, with decorative stitching of the fronts of the uppers with caribou skin.  The insoles appear to be of caribou skin that is covered with seal skin soles. The bottoms of the mukluk have adjustable caribou leather straps.  The stitching is of sinew, probably caribou, and the uppers have braided sinew thongs to draw them tight, as well as to tied the pair together.  The leather is stiff , and suffers a break the instep of the left side mukluk.


The matching mitts are of seal skin leather with caribou trim and bindings.  They are each 5 inches long, and about two inches wide.  The leather is stiff, and the left mitt has some wear and small breaks long the back of the palm.  The workmanship on these items is great, and shows off the skill of the native woman who made these.  They are treasures.

         Price - $200.00

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