Item ES9 - Inuit Whale Bone Sculpture.

This interesting sculpture is crafted from the 'drift” whalebone, likely carved in the middle 20th century. The bone is almost surely derived from the long Right whale fishery off Cumberland Sound and Baffin Island that produced heaps of cast of bone used by the native Inuits to express the artistic sense. This example is in good condition and consists of a piece that is 12 x 4 x 4”, with plenty of the cancellous bone that is attractive in carvings. The sculpture features whale flukes at one end, and the face of an Inuit native at the other flanked by whale fin paddles at the arm or shoulder positions. It expresses the Inuit idea of transformation of one form of life into another; this being a transformation of whale to human (or vice versa). It is in intriguing piece. Fine.



Price -  $125.00


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