L12 - L.l. Davis No. 9 Mahogany Level. Pat. 1867.

L. L. Davis levels are especially well known for their fancy metallic levels and inclinometers. But in the company's early history wooden (especially mahogany) levels were an important product. Toward the end of the 1870s the L. L. Davis Company became the “Davis Level & Tool Co” and the line of wooden levels were assigned to the Chapin Co, even though their mark was Davis L & T. Co. This 26 inch mahogany plumb and level has brass end tips, plain side views and a top plate marked by the original L. L. Davis and bears the March 17, 1867 patent date (Actually this patent date is incorrect—it should be March 17, 1868—this error appears on all LL Davis wooden levels). This level has fairly sharp edges with some wear, but little in the way nicks or chips. The brass top plate has one dent in. Booth level and plumb vials are good, although the plumb vial is probably replaced, and is missing its adjustment screw. The end plates are good. The level has not been polished and has good patina. Easily Good.




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