Item L4 - Davis & Cook (Watertown, NY) No. 4 Mahogany Patent Level 

 Larger wooden levels by Davis & Cook are not uncommon.  These were made from a variety of woods, with mahogany and fruit woods predominatingThis example is in the 30 inch length and bears the usual Cook’s patent date of  December 7, 1886, and includes the plethora of top plate screws associated with the vial adjustment system.  The entire level stands 3 5/8 inches high and is 1 3/8 inches thick.  The top plate and end caps, and vial containers are nickeled brass, as are the porthole rims.  Both vials are good, and like standard Davis & Cook levels, the portholes are faced with glass panes on each side.  The level is in collectible condition , but has some wearing on the edges, with minor dings and no cracks, chips or dings in the wood (which has much of its original finish.  The nickel plating on the brass end caps and top plate is thin along the edges.. The level can use a cleaning.   Good+ 









Price -  $75.00

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