Item M29 - K&E “Leroy Lettering Set, Plus Additions. 

When I was a gradual student 55 years ago the production of graphs and figures for slide presentations and dissertations used lettering sets to make neatly labeled “camera ready” illustrations.  The de facto tool for this process was “Leroy” lettering set produced by Keuffel & Esser, and having bought a set for myself I spent a lot of time and India ink in the production of illustrations.  Sixty years before my time it boggles to realize that the young Fritzjof Nansen, in Norway, illustrated his Ph.D. Dissertation on the nervous system of planktonic invertebrates, by learning to create his figures with stone lithography.  Today everyone uses computers for these tasks, but there is still a certain pleasure in knowing how to make pleasing charts and figures, even when the power goes out.  This wonderful example of a K&E Leroy set is identical to the one that I bought in1962 (it is marked with a 1950 copyright date), and is in near perfect condition.  It consists of a mahogany hinged case, nicely finished, with 6 original templates or guides of different font sizes, 4 four sizes (1 to 4) original ink pots, a pen holder with scribe guide, and a hand pen holder for free hand work.  Also is a “clutch” with graphite points (3) for pencil work.  Finally is a large group of brand new ink pots in the sizes 1 through 8, with extra examples of sizes 1 and 8 (largest size). Instructions for use are on the inside cover of the set.  This is contained in the remnants of the original box, with complete bottom and a sleeve that is missing one end.  Except for the box this is in top condition.  Fine


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