Item NA19 - Fancy Ship Rigger’s Marlin Spike. 

Through the latter half of the 19th Century and into the 20th, sailing the standing and moving rigging of sailing ships converted from manila cordage to woven wire.  The principal tool used by riggers for splicing and working with wire cable transitioned from wood fids to steel marlin spikes.  This is one of those marlin spikes, and it has been modified by a former owner who obviously cared about how his tools looked.  The body of the tool is steel, about 10 inches long, tapering from a base diameter of about 1 inch to a flattened point (like most marlin spikes).  But eschewing the typical rounded or flanged end of the marlin spike, the owner of this one added a fancy head to the tool, giving it a great look and making it much easier on the hand.  This handle has the steel of the spike running through it, but it is build around that steel with a series of closely packed leather disks, painted black shaped to increasing diameter, followed by a bulbous section of the handle, formed of two brick red rings of some sort of composite material, separated by a thin spacer.  This is topped by a rounded brass cap of diminishing diameter, with the steel core exposed at the top as a pounding point.  It is a great rigger’s tool, with and overall length of  12 ˝ inches.  Good+

Price -  $95.00

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