Item NA22 - Sailorís Serving Board. 

Probably the nicest old serving board that Iíve seen, this example is fashioned from a heavy tropical wood, probably a species of dense mahogany and has been used so much that it has accumulated incredible wear.  The tool is nearly 14 inches long, with a head that is  2 ľ inches wide and 1 inch thick.  Originally flat, the head of the board has the beginnings of a concave face produced by honest wear.  Serving tools were used to wind tarred marline around splices, knots and other cordage, as well as to muffle oars and tholes, and to generally protect cordage and shipís hardware from wear.  Some idea of the tension exerted on the marline by the levering action of the serving board can be appreciated by the depth of the channels worn around the handle and head of this tool.  It is a great example of a well used tool of the 19th century sailor.  Fine.


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