Item NART2 - Arctic Box.  Mauchline Ware. 

This little box (3 x 4 x 1 5/8 deep) is decorated on 5 sides (sans the bottom) with Arctic and related scenes that are surely derived from period pictures.  This sort of decorative item was called Mauchline Ware (for the East Ayershire, Scotland) town in which it was made from the 1820s to 1930s by the W. & A Smith Co.  The decoration on this box is clearly derived from whaling and sealing Arctic scenes reported by Scottish sealers and whalers working off Labrador and Greenland in that time frame.  The scenes include (top) a brig in the foreground, rigged with a tented deck fast in the ice, and another distant one, probably nipped.  Two groups of three men can be seen walking on the ice.  The front side of the box shows 7 men in a whale boat, fast to a whale, with a crew man ready with a lance to kill the whale.  One side of the box shows a group of whalecraft (ax, blubber spade, double flue harpoon, lance) rigged and ready for use.  The opposite side shows an Inuit hunter in his kayak, in rough seas, with a rigged harpoon on the front deck.  The back side of the box shows a whale boat (mounted on skis) being pulled across the ice by a group of five men, with another standing in the boat.  Four other men (perhaps Inuits) are standing by.  This is a great little box, lined with patterned paper, and in excellent condition.  It is a choice piece for an Arctic Collection.  Fine



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