Item NART6 - Susan's Teeth and Much About Scrimshaw” by Everett U. Crosby. Classic Scrimshaw Book. Fine Condition.  $550.00

This classic book, written in 1955 and published on Nantucket by the Tetaukimmo Press was a ground breaker in the sense that it was the first serious study of the field of American scrimshaw. The book centered on a series (of then about 6 examples) of signed and similarly engraved sperm whale teeth, dating from 1828 & 1829. These examples of scrimshaw were mostly signed by a Nantucket seaman, Frederick Myricks, who journeyed through the Pacific to the Japan Grounds on the Nantucket whale ships, Susan and Francis. Crosby termed this set of similarly engraved teeth “Susan” teeth. Moreover he provided descriptions of other scrimshaw; its types, techniques, etc, and included essays by other authors about the practice, including accounts of ship board life relating to scrimshaw. This book established a pattern for many later books that treated scrimshaw as the outstanding example of an indigenous American folk art. As the study of scrimshaw grew, additional contributions included such works as Norman Flayderman's “Scrimshawand Scrimshanders ...--- “1971” and Stuart Frank's recent “Ingenious Contrivances, Curiously Carved” 2012. But Crosby' effort ist he ground breaking first book on the subject. Interesting is that while Crosby had but 6 examples of Susan's teeth with which to work, that list has grown as additional teeth by Myricks continue to turn up. Today the catalogue of of Susan's Teeth has expanded to as many 40 examples known (and at least 6 very good fakes are also known to exist). Still considered to be a centerpiece of any scrimshaw collection, auction prices for the Susan's teeth continue to spiral upwards, reaching a peak just few weeks ago when one sold at public for about $172,000.00. This hard cover book contains 62 pages, plus 37 unnumbered full page b&w plates. It is a scarce book to find, and this is an especially fine copy, suffering only a little light foxing on the end papers. Fine



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