Item P14 - Union No. 6 Fore Plane. 

This solid plane almost surely dates to before the takeover of Union’s plane making operation by Stanley that occurred about 1920.  This plane has a large squat front knob that is beaded at the bottom, with both the knob and tote made of mahogany, nicely stained.  Except for one ding on the knob I think these are the nicest handles that I’ve seen on a Union plane.  The body is cast with “Union (in an arc) / No. 6”.  Most of the original japanning remains in the bed.  The blade has good length and is marked with the name of the Union Mfg Co / New Britain, Ct / USA”.  The twisted patent lever is marked “Pat. App’d For.”  The plane has general modest tarnish on the unpainted metal, but the only pitting is some of the very light variety on the cap iron.  It was likely made about 1906.  Fine.






        Price -  $60.00

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