Item P25 - Stanley No. 10 ¼ Cabinet Maker’s Rabbet Plane. 

This plane is a variant of the regular No. 10  rabbet that features a tilting feature for both the knob and the tote.  Allowing them to be fixed in a leaning position to each side.  The handles are grooved on their bottoms, and a the regular handle bolt fits into a captive nut within a cylindrical base in the raised handle seat in the floor of the bed.  When the handle bolt is retightened after positioning the handle, it (the handle) is retained in its new position.  This allows  the plane to work in close  positions, particularly when the plane is worked on its side.  A second distinction is that the No. 10 ¼ is equipped with spurs on each sidewall behind the mouth.  The spurs facilitate its use to cut across grain.  The No. 10 ¼ was made by Stanley from 1911 until 1942 (the regular No. 10 continued production until 1957.  This example has been little used and is in fine condition.  It also is a scarce example of the last production model made in the early 1940s.  It thus displays many of the characters seen in the WWII era Stanley (“type 17”) bench planes.  To wit it has beech, rather than rosewood handles, steel blade adjust knob, and no nickel plating on the lever cap.  Moreover, the blade (which is long and cleaned) is marked “240”, indicating that it was made in the 2nd quarter of 1940.  Altogether it is a collectable plane in fine condition of a very scarce late type.  Fine




  Price -   $500.00

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