Item P3 - Vaughan & Bushnell No. 704 Smooth Plane

The Vaughan & Busnell Co. of Chicago made its reputation on drop forged steel tools, most famously hammers and hatchets. In the 1920s and up until about 1940 they produced a series of bench and block planes. The bench planes were produced in three series, 900, 800 (“Lincoln” s, and 700 (Uncle Sam”). All were made of drop forged (not cast) steel and are hard to break. The 900 and 700 models were produced with flat top side rails, similar to Stanley's Bed Rock planes. The appearance was more than passing since these models had a ramp style frog bottom that provided a stable bearing surface for the frog and blade assembly, and featured an additional side rail for extra blade support. This plane (No. 704) is the No. 4 size. It is in better shape than I usually see these planes, having better than usual walnut handles and no rust or pitting damage. The blade is long, and its square logo is seen less often than the regular “vanadium” mark. It is a nice plane for use. Good+

Price -$45.00

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