Item P35 - Stanley No. 45 Combination Plane.  Type 14 (1922)

This example of the Stanley 45 is in better condition and more complete than most you will see out of the original box.  It has better than 90 percent of its original nickel plating, with most of the missing from the nose of the body section and top of its handle,  and the nose of the mid-section.   It has both short and long rods, all depth stops and spurs, and the adjustable cam rest.  The cutters are in two original boxes, and include 24 blades, including the slitter.  One of the larger rabbet blades (13/16” size) and a broken blade corner, but that is the only damage that I can see.  The instruction manual and screwdriver are missing, but these are easily obtained.  This type was made for only one year, and is a fairly scarce one to find.  Fine.


       Price -   $175.00

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