Item R11 - Hand Crafted Ebony Marking Gage. 

This fine-grained ebony simple marking gage has a stem that 7 inches long and 5/8 inches square.  A simple old finish nail provides a marking point that can be adjusted.  There is some usage wear to one edge of  the front of the stem, and a small chip at an upper corner.  It is not graduated.  The fence is ¾ inch thick and is oblong, with a width of 2 ½ inches and a depth of 1 ¾ inches.  There is a shapely brass thumb screw to fix the fence against the stem,  The stem is protected by and artfully shaped ebony shoe.  The gage is marked at two places with a stylish stamp, “D (on its side) ught”.  Undoubtedly this was the owner/maker who had a great designer eye.  It is a gem.  Good+




Price -  $30.00

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