Item R14 -  Miniature Butt Gage, C. W. Reeves.

This  very small butt gage features three steel arms and a steel body.  Two of the arms are transverse and are 2 5/8 inches long, having one flat side and single marking pins at one end.  The third arm is 2 /4 inches long, completely round in cross section, and hass two pins, one at an end, and the other midway.  The pins fit in grooves that travel the length of the 1 5/8 inch body.  The body is  1 1/16 inches wide and inches deep.  It has a recessed that is fitted with a knurled nut passing vertically through the body and this serves to fix all three  arms when tightened.  The body, arms and nut are all nickel plated, about 20 percent of which is worn away.  The nickel plating speaks to a manufactured gage, but I can find no mark on it.  Bug it is identical to those made (and not marked) by C. W. Reeves of New Britain, Connecticut.  Reeves is reported to have worked in the 1880s/90s.  I've not seen another.  Good+


Price -  $65.00

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