Item R18 - Unusual Double Arm, Wedge Lock Mortise Gage.

An uncommon type of mortise/marking gage to be sure. I own an example of this style, but made out whale bone (see item SCR 1), and Milt Bacheller illustrates a gage in the same style made from mahogany with brass trim and central wedge (Page 345 in “American Marking Gages”). This one has an ornate body that is nearly 7 inches wide, by 2 ¾ inches wide and 1 ½ inches thick. It is formed as a sandwich of mahogany and a lighter wood (maple?) with the rear mahogany member consisting of mahogany having a nice ogee molding. The two arms are mahogany, each with a round outside profile. The arms can be adjusted independently by loosening a central flat wedge between t hem. This central wedge abuts smaller captive wedges that directly bear on the arms. Each of the arms is about 9 ½ inches long and supports a steel pin ½ inch from the end. These pins are sharpened to a flat point, enabling the tool to function as a slitting gage for veneer work. The body has dried and shrunk a little, so the central wedge needs to be trimmed a bit for easier movement. A notch or step has been cut in thee end of one arm, but does not detract from use. It is a very interesting and well made gage. Good+


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