Item R5 - Panel Slitting Gage. Beautiful and “Different” Tool

Here is a slitting gage made in a panel gage form with a plane tote-like body handle and a beam that holds the fence at distances of up to 12 inches from the edge. The tool is made of a dark tropical wood that is probably some species of rosewood.that has a beautiful dark color and finish, with a fairly straight grain. The gage has a fence that has a torpedo shape (in cross section and a fully brass plated face that runs along the edge of the work piece. The fence locks against the front of the square arm with a brass fixing screw the tightens from the front of the fence. The fence is 7 ¾ inches long, 1” deep, and is fully faced with a thick brass plate. The body is 5” long with a brass plated sole. It is contiguous with a carved tote having an ovoid hand hold and long, graceful horn above the hand hold. Made of the same wood as the fence and beam it is in top condition, with perfect finish, and no chips or cracks. The slitter on this gage is not knife-like, but is a relatively large, freely rotating “pizza” wheel that is 2” diameter, and is fixed with a large central slotted screw that allows easy removal for sharpening. Outside of the slitting wheel is a brass depth gage that allows the slitter to cut from about 3/16” depth to as deep as 3/4”. The depth gage rests on the stock and has its ends formed to avoid snagging on the stock. This can only be described as a beautiful tool, probably made by a master craftsman. Uses that come to mind include work in book binding, cutting multiple layers of paper; but more likely it was made as a veneer cutter, probably associated with the manufacture of fine musical instruments. Not marked by maker or patent, this is, in fact, and example of the slitting gage patented by Thomas Rice (Boston) on Sept. 9, 1873 (No. 142,584}. about it, DATAMP says, "This is the most famous of the patented slitters. Production pieces were very high-quality, made of solid rosewood, with a large steel rotary cutter held in place by a brass fence". The patent describes uses including splitting wood, cloth, and pasteboard.  It clearly deserves an owner who appreciates fine tools. Fine



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