Item RB7 - E. Preston & Sons (Birmingham, England) 24 Folding Boxwood Square

The firm of Edward Preston & Sons was making rules and other tools from 1864 to 1932 when they over extended by producing a plethora of non-rule tools.  This large folding square includes legs of 24 and 18 inches, and appears to date from the 1880s or there abouts.  The rule is graduated t o 1/8s on both sides, and does not have beveled edges.  While similar folding squares were made for tailors, this one, with its square joint and brass tips seems to be for more general use.  The rule is clean with only some scaring at the two pins (which are present), and the markings are light, but completely readable.  There is no model number.  It is a good example of a scarce boxwood rule.  Good+









         Price -   $150.00

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