Item RR11 - Stanley No. 50 Textile Yard Rule.  Two Distinctions. 

This yard stick was in the Stanley catalogs from early on, and was dropped from the list about 1941/42, after 114 years of continuous production.  Even so it seems to be a fairly scarce Stanley number.  While this rule is not marked by Stanley, it is surely their product, being made of hickory, only ¾” wide and having distinctive round edges.  This yard stick was a duel function one, being graduated in inches on one side, and in fractions of a textile yard on the other.  The rule has two distinctions that make it noteworthy.  The first is a typed paper label affixed near to one end of the stick that reads, “yard stick used by Gould Bailey, a ‘ship chandler’ in New Castle, Maine. d. June 14, 1913, aged 90 years. 4m 16 days.”  There is some history here.  The second thing is that this is first textile yard stick that I’ve seen that is graduated in the usual fractions (3/4, ½, 3/8, ¼, 1/8, 1/16 yards), but also in the very small increment of  1/32 of a yard!  The rule is in decent condition, having a little cleanable dirt to remove.  It has a small bow  but the gradations are clear everywhere.  Good+

      Price -  $40.00

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