Item RR8 - Stanley (unmarked) No. 48 Board Cane. 

This unmarked, un-numbered board cane closely fits the description of the Stanley No. 48, although it may have been shortened by about ½”.  The cane is overall about 35 ½” long, made  hickory with a cast brass pommel having an overhanging rim.  The wood stem has eight sides, each hand stamped with numbers equating the number of board feet found in a 1 inch thick board from 1 to 35 inches wide.  The eight sides are for 8 different lengths of boards as stamped on the brass top – 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16 feet.  The numbers are light but readable.  Board Canes are quite uncommon.  This one may have suffered some damage at the tip of the wood, and I think it was shortened and the brass tip replaced.  The giveaway is that the tip was reattached with the incorrect stampings on the tip, the tip having been rotated from the from the proper position—an easy fix is possible.  Easily Good.  $130.00

Price -   $130.00

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