Item S11 - Henry Disston & Sons No. D-42, “Victory” Hand Saw.


This was one of Disston's patriotic saws, the “Victory” saws were developed during WWI, and continued to be produced through WWII. They featured an etched emblem on the blade depicting an American Eagle, perched on a Liberty Bell, within a large “V” for victory.

This saw was a model made during WWII, and is in the lightweight form. This example has a 26 inch blade that is filed 8 ppi rip. The saw blade is straight back with the slim lightweight blade and is decently sharp. The blade has mottled tarnish, but no significant pitting, and the complete etching is readable. The walnut handle has 5 steel saw screws, including a “Disston U.S.A.” medallion, and has all of its original shiny finish, with no chips or cracks. This is a nice saw for use or a collection. Easily Good+


Price - $50.00

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