Item S13 - Henry Disston & Sons No. D 100 Aluminum Handle Hand Saw

.  Good+  In 1961, about the time that their saw manufacturing moved to Danville, VA, the Disston company (now more properly, Porter-Cable)joined Millers Falls and Stanley in producing a “futuristic” hand saw the presented modernistic styling (in movement that we think of today as “mid-century modern).  This was a new D-100 model that featured a straight back hand saw with a graphically modern aluminum handle that enclosed a fairly traditional walnut handle.  In the genre of “Buck Rogers” tools this hand saw did not succeed in the marketplace, and it was discontinued by 1966.  The saw is built from a light weight model straight back saw, with a forward leaning flashy handle, that turns out to be quite comfortable to use.  This example has lost its etch (the etching of that day was not long lasting), but the aluminum can be buffed to shine and the walnut handle is without fault.  The 26 inch blade is filed 8 ppi cross cut, and is decently sharp.  It is a fairly scarce model in this condition, and is a saw that always evokes interest.  Good+


    Price -  $45.00

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