Item S15 - Pennsylvania Saw Corp “Penn State” No. A-4 Hand Saw

A saw that I've not seen before, and a nifty one for a collection, this was made by the Pennsylvania Saw Corporation of York, PA. Erv Schaffer gave a single date for this firm – 1938, and seems to have thought that the company existed as late as 1979 And that looks about right. It is a straight back 26” saw filed 8 ppi, cross cut. The handle appears to be apple, red stained with some stamped decoration. There are 4 saw bolts with slotted screws that are brightly nickel plated a medallion reads “Pennsylvania Saw Corp” with “York, Pa” in the center. The handle is as perfect as new. The same is true for the blade which has all of its shine (which is a lot) and a complete and perfect etching. The etching features a Quaker type dude with the “Penn State” trade mark, and “Over Fifty Years. The immaculate condition of this saw is due to its having been kept in its original rigid leather (or composition) scabbard. This scabbard is marked “R. H. Burke Co”, No. 1502. The Burke firm dates to at least 1910 in Chicago, making golf bags and other sporting paraphernalia made of leather. They are known to have made sheathes for axe and hatchet heads, especially about the time of WWII. This scabbard has a green closure strap that looks military and fits well with the circa 1938 date for the saw. Certainly and unusual and sparkling saw, this will be an uncommon one for a collection. New

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