Item S2 -Henry Disston No. 7 Rip Saw.

This interesting and very old “Henry Disston” saw has a blade that is 26” long, and although it has been well sharpened down, the saw has an early “Henry Disston” arched stamp that was used from the early 1840s into the 1850s. The blade is tarnished, and has scattered fine pitting, but the main stamp is clear, and under it can be read “Philada”, and then under this, “Cast Steel ... Warranted”. The blade is straight, and is filed 5 ppi rip. It is quite sharp. An intereting feature is that the nib is present, but is very small and delicate, being set at the end of a very shallow recess that extends much further back from the tip than most early Disston saws that you see. In this case the nib is located nearly 5 inches back from the toe of the saw. By comparison an 1885 Disston No. 7 rip saw on my desk has a much more robust nib 3 ½ inches from the toe, and a Keystone 107 from about the same era has an even larger nib just 3 ¼ inches back. The four solid head, spanner nut saw screws on this saw include not a label medallion, but a central large steel escutcheon that has one of the brass saw screws centered on it, giving it an old “riveted”. Apparently the oldest Henry Disston saw did not have labeled medallions. This may be one of those, but it could be a replacement. The top saw screw on the handle has been mounted with the slotted side to the left, probably as an error by a sharpener. The apple handle has good wear, fits a large hand, and is position of both of its horns. There is a single small chip from the underside of the long an graceful upper horn. Despite its narrow blade this is an interesting and old (perhaps back to the 1840s) Saw. Easily Good

Price - $100.00

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