Item S2 - J. D. Darlington (Harvey Peace) 14” Mitre Box Saw.

As discussed by Josh Clark, one of the Harvey Peace saw brands was “J. D. Darlington” apparently a neighbor or worker for Peace.  The Darlington back saws typically have the tiny sunken eagle handle medallions like the one found in this saw.  It also has a saw bolt through the spine, which Josh reports as being typical of the earlier Darlington saws.  The handle on this is beech, and it is pretty well worn, but aside from some nibbles on the upper horn, there are no cracks.  A distinction of this saw is its 14” edge length, and the fairly shallow shape 1 7/8” to 2 1/8” of the blade.  It is reminiscent of the shallow draft 16” Disston back saws that come along once in a while.  Conventional wisdom is that these were made for small mitre boxes.  I’ve not seen a Darlington back saw in this conformation before.  The blade has some even very fine pitting on both sides, but it will not interfere with sharpening or use.  The saw is filed 13 ppi and is straight and decently sharp.  Easily Good.

Price - $40.00

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